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TCS Core Values

Our core values are the heart of everything we do here at TCS!

Be Genuine

Be an “authentic you” and a “respectful you”

Share a part of who you are with every interaction

Act out the ideology that drives TCS but in a way that is meaningful to you

Be Fed

Be open and receptive to new ideas and processes from customers and co-workers

Continually strive to pursue knowledge in the industry

Open mind and Open Heart

Be The Experience

Go the extra step “not my job” is not allowed here

Interactions are contributing to a culture of joy, learning, culinary enthusiasm, and gratitude. 

Give’em a spoon taking the initiative

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Erika and Brad have created a wonderful work environment & culture. Creating beautiful and delicious treats for customers every day has been a dream job for me!

Baker/Chocolatier at TCS

I love working with team members that truly care about creating a great experience for everyone, whether that's our favorite regulars, first time customers, or co-workers.

Shift Lead/Barista TCS

The best thing about working at TCS is the community. Erika and Brad taught me everything I know about the highest quality coffee and chocolate. There is so much love that goes into everything we do at TCS.

Shift/Savory Lead/Barista

Hands down my favorite job ever!  I cherish the team I work with and the
regular customers who I’ve connected with over the years.  There is nothing better than knowing that by doing your job you are helping to bring a little bit of joy into someone‘s life.

Team Lead TCS

TCS isn't just a great place to work it is like a second family to me!

Shift Lead/Barista TCS

It is true pleasure & honor to work at TCS. Erika and Brad have a true passion and love for artisan chocolate and coffee. It is a great place to work!

Shift Lead/Barista TCS