Mother's Day Connections


Each woman in your life is unique and perfectly imperfect.  Your favorite aunt might love to spend her time outside in the wild, but a little indoor pampering might be exactly what she’s needing!  Maybe your mom’s go-to Mac n’ Cheese dinner is getting repeated just a litttttttttttle too often.  Some food-spiration is just what the doctor ordered!   Delight her senses with an artistically painted box of chocolates, exploding with flavors boasting hibiscus, Snozzberry Sour from Kinkaider, pop rocks or caramels so soft she’ll melt with each bite.  We’ve complied a list of some of our favorite local gems to help you craft a unique Mother’s Day Experience that will showcase your creativity, and be outside the standard Hallmark card and a rose. 

Love Local !  Unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Pots, Plants + Patience

A mama with a green thumb—then whether it is indoors or outdoors if your mom loves seeing things grow then this gift will give her something she can enjoy year after year.  Or until the petals fall!  Gettin’ dirty working out in that landscape bed or having houseplants has proven benefits of lowering stress.  Take your mom to your local nursery to pick out what she would love and then come back and start planting them for her or with her.   

Check this local gem The Refuge @ Landmark Nursery & Landscaping.  I hear it’s planter deco season and they have a large variety of planters big and small ready to be filled with beautiful plants and flowers that they have on hand.  Plus many other finds mom would love. 

Sweets for the Sweet

Bring out your inner Picasso (or Cookie Monster!) by creating a dessert board with a multitude of products from The Chocolate Season.  Some of our favorites to create the perfect visual, coupled with dynamic textures, would be to start with some larger pieces like our Brownies.  Cut these into quarters or halves to be the base of the board…then create a happy trail of color with our Chocolate Feves to outline different sweet sectors!  In one sector, put something crunchy, like our signature Buttercrunch Toffee.  

Next quadrant?  Try something creamy like Fudge…bring in a different color aspect by choosing the Cookies n’ Cream!  To create different flavor profiles easily, our Artisan Chocolate Bars offer a variety of coffees, fruits, milk, dark and white chocolates as well as pop rocks or candied violets.  Lastly, the addition of something truly elegant like our Glace Oranges, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, or just a sprinkling of our Artisan Chocolates will really make her feel like a queen!  Looking for that sentimental way to give your dessert board that extra long lasting memory after all the sweets are eaten- check out this  heart serving board.

Fill Her Cup

Moms can’t continue to pour love and guidance into their families when there’s no time to rest, recharge, and fill her cup. Make her a priority today by booking a spa package for her! De Nova Spa offers facials, massages, airbrush tanning and waxing services, all in the comfort of home-inspired, plush and tranquil environment. If you’d like to create your own spa day at home for her, order a multitude of locally made lotions, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and other aromatics from Aria Rose Bath Co. to create the perfect space to unwind in, and complete her afternoon with some freshly painted nails while she soaks in the last few minutes of peacefulness.

Food + Family

Every gal loves a good meal.  Book brunch and a show at Screamer’s Dining Cabaret, with local singers and rotating shows, every experience will be sure to bring a smile and a laugh or 2 . If you’re looking for the perfect caffeine addition to your dining plans, The Chocolate Season hosts Waffle Weekends every Saturday and Sunday, complete with a full espresso bar and their signature Drink Flights for lounging over conversation and your favorite chocolate, fruit, tea of coffee drinks.

Adventure Awaits

Give mom the chance to explore nature’s beauty at Mahoney State Park, complete with hiking, mini golf, and observation tower.  When she’s ready for a bite, there’s an on-site restaurant ready to serve her all her favorites.  If she’s wanting a little more of an adrenaline rush, take a swing on a ropes course at Tree Rush Adventures, or for the seasonal allergy-plagued Mom, Lincoln boasts its very own indoor rock climbing gym, MW Climbing, with educational instructors and varying levels of climbing courses.

Memories In The Making

If your mom loves to cook, bake, or is creating delicious creations on the daily, you need to keep those meals and moments written down!  Browse through beautiful leather goods for a personalized recipe book or journal from a local  "mom-owned" business right here in Nebraska Leather & Earth Co.

Mommy See Mommy Do

Connection is spending time together- surprise Mom with a craft day…try out the multitude of crafts, projects and classes at Makit Takit Craft Studio, the friendly crew there will make anyone into a Picasso!  Another option is stepping up to the tee at Adventure Golf Center  (complete with a shaved ice refresher!) or sit and hang at one of your local theaters and relax with a tub of buttery goodness while Hollywood takes a turn entertaining you.

Don't Overthink It

Sometimes just a nap and a book is all she needs.  Browse through the quaint little shop around the corner at Lincoln's Francie and Finch Bookshop  to find the perfect paperback best friend. If she’s a mom on the go, don’t worry, they have audio books too!  Lastly, let her curl up with some warm threads found at Ten Thousand Villages, a store committed to being a global maker-to-market venue for the locals.  Discover a shopping experience that puts people and the planet first---Just like Mom!

Tell Us

No matter what you do this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to pause and pour some love into yourself, you deserve it! And if you are gifted an unforgettable experience from TCS, or are inspired by one of these local makers, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!  We’d love to see all the love you’re sharing.  All posts will be entered in to win a $20 gift card.