What In The World Is A Fève?

What In The World Is A Fève?

Fève (pronounced f-eh-v) means “bean” in French, and since you need cacao beans to make chocolate, it makes sense.  These chocolate coins are created to be approximately 3.8 grams each and carry the Valrhona seal.  The shape was very carefully designed to promote even melting over a double boiler, mol d’ art or even in the microwave, starting the melting process in the center at the thinnest part, and then the heat dispersement can fan out due to the hollow valley in the middle of the fève.   All Valrhona chocolate has been conched for 72 hours to create an ultra smooth tasting experience, and with the addition of at least 31% cocoa butter in all the chocolates, it boasts perfect fluidity for coating and dipping.  

At The Chocolate Season fèves are used to craft our artisan chocolate bars and we use multiple specialty flavor profiles in our  artisan chocolate truffles. Plus we love them so much that it makes melting 50 lbs at a time super efficient when enrobing some of our favorite chocolate-covered confections.

So what can you do with a bag of chocolate fèves from The Chocolate Season?  As a mom, keeping a bag of these perfectly portioned chocolates keeps my sweet tooth at bay, and also provides the perfect distraction or reward for my kids.  Depending on what flavor you choose, you can melt down the Manjari for an elegant upgrade to your dipped strawberries, or melt down the Passionfruit or Strawberry chocolate for your kids to dip marshmallows or vanilla wafers in.

If baking, chop up the Raspberry feves and stir into your favorite brownie recipe for a chocolate-raspberry bar, or melt down the chocolate and stream into a bowl of buttercream.  These chocolates have no food dye, so its an easy and natural way to color some of your favorite desserts!  Create a dark chocolate and cocoa nib cookie, or take a peanut butter cookie and add Strawberry or Raspberry feves to it for a new take on PB&J!

These chocolates are perfect to snack on, bake with, or create confectionery treats for your friends and family.  What will YOU make when the flavor possibilities are endless?