Viola Truffle

"Viola" About The Flavors

I have a Grandma Vi that loved chocolate, loved sweets, always had cookie dough hiding in her freezer from the Schwan’s man.  One day, as she was admiring the chocolates on the bar, she asked if I could ever make a chocolate just for her.  Of course I could…yet what would I make?   I started thinking about how amazing grandparents are…and what if you could think about your grandma every time you took a bite of a chocolate? What would a grandma taste like?  (Ha ha ha).   So we just break it down in a mater-of-factual basis.  If you had to choose who was always nicer to you…your mom or grandma? Well, yeah, grandmas always win.  So, lets talk the center of the truffle- what will it be?

Which is sweeter- Chocolate or Sugar? Well- sugar.  So that means the interior will be sugar-based, a caramel! What should the caramel taste like? Well…a soft-set caramel (Grandmas are always soft and squishy when you hug them!) and flavor-wise? Well, what do you always find at your Grandma’s house?  Potpourri.  So let’s get some floral infusions like lavender in the caramel.  And then because I’m a texture-freak, a second flavor note would be violet, and we could do that with a small piece of candied crystal violet in the center.  So…now for the shelling.  Shell it in milk, dark or white chocolate?  Well, personally, I love dark chocolate…but lets think about Grandma, she’s soft, and sweet, and the perfect powder puff of love.  Going down that route, obviously white chocolate is the way to go.  And for coloring?  Purple, to let you know there’s violet and lavender in there…and opal, because what’s Grandma’s quintessential accessory? Pearls of course darling!  

And there you go, that’s how we make the perfect grandma truffle.  The Viola.  Named after my Grandma Vi. It just so happens to be perfect for our soft flowing caramel with accents of violet and lavender.