Netflix n’ Nosh Gift Box

Netflix n’ Nosh Gift Box

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The box that will make those day-long Netflix marathons worth it….or at least keep you alert enough to figure out what really happened to Carol Baskin’s husband ;0)

You’ll love some of our signature treats like the Jumbo Browned Butter Chocolate Toffee Cookies and a TCS Artisan Chocolate Bar. If you need more crunch in your life, munch on our Sweet Caramel Corn or Rocky Road Popcorn (hide the Rocky Road in the fridge if you need to pace yourself!)

And to stay fully conscience during your series of choice, mix up your favorite Cold Brew! Plus, the need to get a discounted cold brew bottle refill at TCS will motivate you to leave the couch….

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Handcrafted in Small Batches

Gourmet Valrhona French Chocolate

Our Motto: No Artificiality

Made to Order
We Made The Chocolate Season Just For You 

At The Chocolate Season, we know you want to be someone who is thoughtful and connected with others. To make that happen, you need a place where you’ll always find delicious meals and the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. The problem is that life gets too busy, which makes you feel like you’re always at the will of your schedule. We believe you don’t have to be overburdened by your to-do list. We understand you have responsibilities and obligations. That’s why we put so much heart and soul into every aspect of The Chocolate Season. 

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