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You will tempt and delight your guests...

12 Piece - Artisan Chocolates

Our luxurious 12-piece is beautiful inside and out.  A unique size that is the perfect gift all by itself!


Our 126-piece is the pinnacle of chocolate perfection.  Go the extra mile with this 2-layer box to showcase your appreciation to clients, or impress family members at your next big holiday! 


Our 15-piece is a feast for the eyes as soon as you open the lid!  Impress a client or show some love with artisanal bon bons and caramels!

4 Piece Artisan Chocolateas

Our 4-piece is perfect for a quick thank you or party favor!


Our 8-piece is a delightful lil' gift that makes a big impact.  Show someone you care today!

Almond Buttercrunch Toffee

Our version of crunchy, sweet, satisfying toffee.....

Artisan Chocolate Barks

Imagine opening a beautiful gift box full of your favorite, indulgent, artisan chocolate bark

$28.00 - $49.00
Berry Bark

This is one of nature's barks that you won't mind taking a bite out of...


For those who have a lil' crush on caffiene, this basket is perfect.


Your love is easy to see with this clear heart-shaped box....

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Iowa Nebraska

Enjoy the original luscious strawberry hand-dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate and drizzled with a touch of whimsy...

$26.00 - $74.00
Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peel

Our favorite European-inspired treat!  This sweet confection is a 2-day labor of love....


Delightfully simple yet blissfully fulfilling....