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You will tempt and delight your guests...

12 Piece - Artisan Chocolates

Our luxurious 12-piece is beautiful inside and out.  A unique size that is the perfect gift all by itself!


Our 126-piece is the pinnacle of chocolate perfection.  Go the extra mile with this 2-layer box to showcase your appreciation to clients, or impress family members at your next big holiday! 

16 Piece - Artisan Chocolates

Our 16-piece is 1 level and is a feast for the eyes as soon as you open the lid!  Impress a client or show some love with our most popular collection!

32 Piece - Artisan Chocolates

Our 32-piece is double the chocolate for that special person in your life.  A piece a day will make for a pretty amazing month!


4 Piece - Artisan Chocolates

Our 4-piece is perfect for a quick thank you or party favor!

6 Piece - Artisan Chocolates

Our 6-piece is a delightful lil' gift that makes a big impact.  Show someone you care today!

Almond Buttercrunch Toffee

Our version of crunchy, sweet, satisfying toffee.....


The Chocolate Season is happy to help support Super Team Bo (headed up by a very special boy, Bo Bauer) & wants to help you take the puzzlement out of how to support Autism Awareness & Acceptance!


Berry Bark

This is one of nature's barks that you won't mind taking a bite out of...

Hand Painted Large Easter Bunny Lolli

This bunny lolli is large and in charge!

Hand Painted Small Easter Bunny Lolli

Little bunny foo foo hoppin' through the forest.....


For those who have a lil' crush on caffiene, this basket is perfect.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Iowa Nebraska

Enjoy the original luscious strawberry hand-dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate and drizzled with a touch of whimsy...

$26.00 - $74.00